2023 Registration for Online Testing (For Overseas Applicants Only)

Last Updated: 1 August 2022

Thank you for your interest in choosing San Yu Adventist School (SYAS).

Due to Covid-19 and the subsequent travel restrictions by the various countries, SYAS will be conducting entrance tests for the affected prospective applicants online for admission to 2023 Academic Year.

Important: These online tests are only applicable for applicants who are overseas and unable to enter Singapore to complete their registration.

For student applicants who are able to enter Singapore or are currently in Singapore, please kindly refer to the 2023 registration schedule to book an in-person entrance test.

Instruction for Online Testing

Before you proceed with registering for the online testing, do run through the online platforms (ZOOM and/or AsknLearn) to ensure that you are able to access them for the online Pre-Course Counselling, Interview and Entrance Test.

Applicant/Parent/Guardian is responsible for ensuring that the applicant is able to access the online testing platforms. There will not be a refund of the application and test fees if the applicant is unable to access the testing platform on the test date.

Registering for Online Testing

Once you have confirmed the accessibility of the testing platform(s), please click here to submit your declaration and subsequently the online application form. Kindly read and understand our registration process and requirements before registration.


Platforms for Online Entrance Test

For Primary 1 and 2: ZOOM

For Primary 3 to 5 and Preparatory Secondary 1 Foundation (PS1F) to Secondary 3: ZOOM and AsknLearn   


Step 1: Install ZOOM with this link

Step 2: Ensure that you are able to login and join a meeting.


Step 1: Go to AsknLearn

Step 2: Ensure that you are able to Login for the sample testing. 

Use the following demo User ID and Password

User ID: demotesting001
Password: demotesting001

Refer to the user guide for more information.