Updates on Wuhan Coronavirus

Last Updated: 10 February 2020

Dear SYAS family

Slightly more than a week has gone by since we started classes in the midst of the Novel Coronavirus situation. Although the timing of this outbreak post-CNY has been unfortunate, we were able to rally the school staff to facilitate a smooth experience for our students in accordance with advisories from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Health (MOH).

We are also raising greater awareness of humanity’s love towards each other by encouraging students and staff at San Yu Adventist to share a love donation, in-kind or otherwise to benefit patients/healthcare workers,etc.  It is a small but powerful gesture -- SYAS cares! 

We have decided to postpone some of our CCA activities and field trips. The following CCAs are affected: Swimming, soccer, badminton, hiking, indoor rock climbing and inline skating. 

Our hearts and minds go out to the victims as well as the heroic people who are risking their lives in combating this virus.  Please take time to listen to this Chinese song 陪你走向希望 on hope & love.

Despite the efforts to combat this virus together, many are spreading fake news and unfounded fears. Please CHECK with the right information sources such as Gov.sg and follow the government’s directives with regards to intra- and inter-personal health and safety.  TOGETHER, we can overcome this crisis with Confidence, Competence and Compassion.

Parents or guardians with concerns can contact the respective form teachers or email the school at [email protected].

Dr Shee Soon Chiew
SYAS Principal

Last Updated: 29 January 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In view of the coronavirus situation in Wuhan and other parts of China, SYAS will be stepping up our precautionary measures to enhance protection of our students and staff.

Expanded coverage for Leave of Absence (LOA)

The 14 days LOA for students and staff will be expanded to cover the following groups.

Group 1: Students and staff returning from Mainland China (as per MOE guidelines)

Group 2: Students and staff who had direct and prolonged contact with relatives or friends who visited them from Mainland China.

Group 3: Students and staff who room with someone belonging to Group 1 or 2.

The LOA will be valid for a period of 14 days, starting from the day of arrival in Singapore for Group 1 and 2. The LOA for Group 3 will be the same duration as their self-quarantined roommates.

Protective Measures

The school will be implementing the following protective measures for our returning students.

Temperature screening at the point of entry for all students, staff and visitors. Temperature screening will start at 0645 daily, students who arrive before will be asked to wait outside the gate.

Travel and point of contact history checks at the point of entry (30 and 31 January).

Daily temperature taking in class.

Teaching of personal hygiene habits and how to stay safe during this period.

Daily disinfection of the entire school compound.

Parents and guardians will be required to wait outside the school compound to pick up their children/wards during dismissal time.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and solicit your fullest cooperation in order to manage this situation effectively.

Parents or guardians with special concern can contact the respective form teachers or email the school at [email protected].

Thank you for your kind understanding.

SYAS Administration