Admission Prerequisites

Last Updated: 19 September 2023

Thank you for your consideration. The curriculum at SYAS caters to students with a view to thrive during their time with us, and beyond. Needfully, the school has outlined a framework to ascertain whether applicants have the capacity to benefit from all that SYAS has to offer. These conditions are not only necessary but essential.

Applications for admission are accepted only for Primary 1 to Primary 5 and Preparatory Secondary 1 Foundation to Secondary 3 (Express Stream) leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level examination. SYAS does not admit new students into Primary 6 and Secondary 4.

Enrolment is never automatic. All new students have to meet the Course Entry Requirements (Admission and Age Requirements) to qualify for admission. The admission policy is designed to ensure that the applicants have the capacity to thrive within, and benefit from, all that SYAS offers. The admission procedures take into account three main factors:  entrance test results, vacancy and interview.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to join SYAS in January. The school allows eligible applicant to join the school by June on a case-by-case basis. However, it is the responsibility of the applicant to catch up with the lessons in time for the year end promotional examinations. There is no automatic promotion to the next level of study after the year-end examinations.

Admission requirements

  1. Applicant, parent and guardian have read, understood, agreed to and must comply with all the requirements especially the strict discipline of the school.

  2. Any person who smokes, drinks alcoholic beverages, use prohibited drugs or substances of abuse will not be admitted.
  3. Any person who bleaches or colours his/her hair in any way to any extent will not be admitted.
  4. Any person who has tattoos will not be admitted.
  5. Any one seeking admission must be of good conduct and has attendance of not less than 90% in his/her previous school.
  6. All applicants must take a entrance test in Mathematics and English Language and must pass both subjects before they are qualified for admission or obtain at least a pass and completed the previous level in a Singapore Government School.
  7. Applicant and their appointed guardian must attend Pre-Course Counselling and Student Orientation.
  8. All applicants must pass the interview conducted by the Registrar/authorised staff.
  9. Applicant/Parent/Guardian must submit all documents required by Admissions Office and treat all information received in the application form as private and confidential. Any dissemination, distribution or duplication of such information, unless required by law or other statutory regulations, is strictly prohibited. The documents belong to the sole property of San Yu Adventist School.

age requirements

*Age = Applied Academic Year - Year of Birth

Course Minimum Age
(as of 1 Jan of the Academic Year)
Age Range *
(Age = Applied Academic Year - Year of Birth)
Year of Birth
(For 2024 Academic Year)
Primary 1 6 7 – 8 2016 - 2017
Primary 2 7 8 – 10 2014 - 2016
Primary 3 8 9 – 11 2013 - 2015
Primary 4 9 10 – 12 2012 - 2014
Primary 5 10 11 – 13 2011 - 2013
Preparatory Secondary 1 Foundation (PS1F) 11 12 – 15 2009 - 2012
Secondary 1 12 13 – 16 2008 - 2011
Secondary 2 13 14 – 18 2006 - 2010
Secondary 3 14 15 – 19 2005 - 2009

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