Application Process for Current Students

Step-by-Step Guide for Current Students

STEP 1: Application Form

  1. Application forms given to students by Form Teachers during Aug/Sep. 
  2. Students to submit completed forms and required documents to Form Teachers.
  3. Admissions Office to check the submissions.


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  1. Applicant to complete missing parts
  2. Resubmit to Admissions Office

STEP 2: Administration

  1. Admissions Office to update students’ data on records.
  2. Business Office to prepare Student Contracts.
  3. Student Contracts distributed by Form Teachers on last day of school.

STEP 3: Renewal & Payment

  1. Student/guardian to summit Student Contract/Student’s Pass Renewal for Returning Student (AO Form 050) and conditional letter (if any) to Admissions Office during the week after the last day of school.
  2. Student/guardian to sign Student Contract at Business Office and process school fees within the assigned time frame.
  3. Upon receipt of school fees, Admissions Office will
    • Renew Student’s Pass and monitor status (if student appoints the school to apply STP on their behalf).
    • Provide SOLAR + reference number to student/parent/guardian (if student wishes to apply Student’s Pass on their own).
    • Cancel current Student’s Pass if necessary.
    • Print social visit pass if Student’s Pass is cancelled.
    • Print IPA letter if Student’s Pass is approved.

STEP 4: ICA Requirements (if applicable)

  1. Student to pay Banker’s Guarantee if required by ICA.
  2. Student to go for medical check-up if required by ICA, and submit to Admissions Office.
  3. Admissions Office to collate all required documents and make appointment for student to complete formalities at ICA.

STEP 5: Student’s Pass Collection

  1. Student to collect Student’s Pass at ICA.
  2. Student to give a copy of Student’s Pass to Admissions Office.