Our Confessional Identity

As a CPE registered private education institution, SYAS offers a curriculum largely based on the MOE’s Primary and Secondary syllabus via an integrated pedagogy. In addition to the academic, students will be enriched by a dynamic curriculum that includes, but not limited to, spiritual enrichment, the philosophy of sports and social decorum. This is guided by our long-standing philosophical belief: Sanyu (三育) or “Three-Fold Education” of Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • We believe every child is capable of learning
  • We expect students and staff to put forth their best effort in every endeavour
  • We hope to impart the love for lifelong learning
  • We believe a healthy body is necessary for learning
  • We expect students and staff to be equally concerned about their health as they are academic results
  • We hope to cultivate healthy living habits among our students and staff
  • We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and given to us as a moral compass for our lives
  • We expect that all our teachings are in line with the Word of God
  • We hope all students and staff will reflect on the school’s seven core values in their lives