Step-by-Step Guide For New Students

Last Updated: 28 September 2022

Important Note 

Please read through the Admissions Prerequisites , Curriculum (Primary | Secondary) and Statement of Understanding of Entrance Test thoroughly before online submission and payment. The Application Fee and Entrance Test Fee are non-refundable

By accepting online submission to the School, it means that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions and will abide by all rules and regulations of the school.

Parents, who do not have a valid pass (e.g. LTVP, DP, EP, IEO), are required to appoint a local guardian to act on their behalf in regards to all school matters concerning their child.

Applicants and their appointed guardians are required to attend the compulsory Pre-Course Counselling, Student Orientation and Interview.

LTVP: Long Term Visit Pass | DP: Dependent's Pass | EP : Employment Pass | IEO: Immigration Exemption Order

STEP 1: Document & Requirement Check

STEP 2: Apply Online

  • Application for admission to SYAS must be made online.
  • Read through the User Guide for Online Submission
  • To complete the online registration process, you must have a valid credit card.
  • Each application must be accompanied with the online submission of all required documents and a non-refundable online payment of application and entrance test fees of S$750 (inclusive of GST).
  • Once online application has been processed, application will be reviewed and verified at SYAS Admissions Office before entrance test date.
  • For applicants who are in Singapore, please click here to apply.
  • For applicants who are unable to report to Singapore for Entrance Test, please click here

STEP 3: Entrance Test, Pre-course Counselling, Student Orientation & Interview

  • SYAS Admissions Office will provide the printed application form that was submitted online. Check all information, read the documents and sign on pre-printed application forms (Application for Admission & Application for Entrance Test (these can be downloaded from our Download Center).
  • The entrance test typically takes 3.5 hours for both English and Mathematics papers. Applicants are required to bring pens, pencils, colored pencils (for P1), calculator (for PS1F to Sec 3) and mathematical set whenever necessary.
  • Applicants have to attend pre-course counselling and interview with their appointed guardian.
  • The result of application will be sent to the applicant via email. Return the signed Letter of Offer to the Admissions Office before the deadline stated in the letter.

STEP 4: ICA Application (For Foreign Students - Non-Singaporean/ Non-Singapore PR)

Applicants can appoint the school to apply for a Student’s Pass (STP) or Letter of Consent (LOC) on their behalf or they can apply it on their own accord.

All foreign-born children below aged 12 at the point of registration with SYAS must apply for vaccination verification with HPB before they can proceed with their ICA application. Click here for more information

Option 1: For applicants who have appointed the school

  • Provide additional documents as required by ICA. (Refer to document checklist for more information)
  • Make payment of ICA application fee to Business Office.
  • School submits the STP/LOC application to ICA.

Option 2: For applicants who will apply on their own accord

  • School provides SOLAR+ reference number to applicant/parent/guardian via email.
  • Parent/guardian submits STP/LOC application via ICA website.

STEP 5: Student Contract & Payment

  • After STP or LOC has been approved by ICA, SYAS admissions Office will contact guardian/parent to sign contract and make payment.
  • Applicants and guardian/parent have to report to Admissions Office within seven working days.
  • Sign Student Contract and make payment of Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees (if any)
  • Collect booklist, class timetable, IPA letter, appointment letter and fulfil ICA requirements.
  • For more information regarding payment of course fees and miscellaneous fees, refer here.