Student Leave Application

Last Updated: 3 January 2023

Leave Application

Please be informed that with effect from 23 February 2022 onwards, application for Leave of Absence will only be accepted via Google Form. A Gmail Account is needed for you to access the Leave Application Form.

Please click HERE to submit the leave of absence request.

A student can only be absent from school for valid medical reasons backed up by valid medical certificates only and not by any letter.  Medical certificates must be promptly given to the Form Teacher on the same day the student returns to school.

Other grounds for absence will be treated on a case by case basis.

Please also note that if your child's attendance falls below 90%, the school has the responsibility to report this to the ICA.

For more information, please refer to Student Handbook.

We seek your sincere understanding on this matter.


1. I hereby declare that all the information I have provided on this Application Form is correct.

2. I have enclosed the relevant document(s) (eg. flight ticket, medical certificate, copy of examination entry proof and etc ) to support my child's/ward's or my absence from classes.

3. I understand that I am applying leave on my child's/ward's behalf or on my own accord and the school shall not be responsible for my child's/ward's or my attendance record.