Grievance Process

Students are invited to fill in the Feedback Form which serves as a medium for addressing their concerns and resolving grievances on academic, non-academic and student matters.

Procedure for dispute resolution:

STEP 1: Submit Feedback

Student/parent/guardian to feedback in written or verbal communication to Admin Assistant (HR). Click here for Feedback Form.

STEP 2: Investigation

  1. Admin Assistant (HR) acknowledges receipt of feedback and that the school will investigate with a reply within 21 working days. Personal information will only be used and disclosed for addressing feedback.
  2. Admin Assistant (HR) to route feedback to the relevant Head of Department (HOD).
  3. HOD to investigate feedback.
  4. HOD to Communicate with student/parent/guardian.


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STEP 3: Closure

  1. HOD/Principal Informs Admin Assistant (HR) that feedback is resolved.
  2. Admin Assistant (HR) to record feedback closure date, outcome and letter of closure in Feedback Management Record. Records are kept for 3 years, then destroyed at the end of the third year.

STEP 4: Principal Review

  1. Principal to review the case.
  2. Principal to resolve the case.


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STEP 5: External Mediation

  1. Student/parent/guardian to approach Singapore Mediation Centre.
  2. If unresolved, dispute will be referred to Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.