Grievance Process

Last Updated: 13 February 2020

Students are invited to fill in the Feedback Form which serves as a medium for addressing their concerns and resolving grievances on academic, non-academic and student matters.

Procedure for dispute resolution:

STEP 1: Submit Feedback

Student/parent/guardian to feedback in written or verbal communication to Regulatory Affairs/IT Executive. Click here for Feedback Form.

STEP 2: Investigation

  1. Regulatory Affairs/IT Executive acknowledges receipt of feedback and that the school will investigate with a reply within 21 working days. Personal information will only be used and disclosed for addressing feedback.
  2. Regulatory Affairs/IT Executive to route feedback to the relevant Head of Department (HOD).
  3. HOD to investigate feedback.
  4. HOD to Communicate with student/parent/guardian.


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STEP 3: Closure

  1. HOD/Principal Informs Regulatory Affairs/IT Executive that feedback is resolved.
  2. Admin Assistant (HR) to record feedback closure date, outcome and letter of closure in Feedback Management Record. Records are kept for 3 years, then destroyed at the end of the third year.

STEP 4: Principal Review

  1. Principal to review the case.
  2. Principal to resolve the case.


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STEP 5: External Mediation

  1. Student/parent/guardian to approach Singapore Mediation Centre.
  2. If unresolved, dispute will be referred to Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.