Placement Test and Pre-course Counselling

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Statement of Understanding for Placement Test

Sitting for placement test does not guarantee applicant a place as a registered student in our school. This test allows the school to assess the applicant’s academic suitability, and selection is based on merit, vacancy and interview. Applicant will only be offered placement test if the required documents are fully submitted.

Terms and regulations

  1. The applicant is required to sit for 2 placement test papers:  English and Mathematics.
  2. The total Application fee and Placement Test fee is SGD650 and non-refundable. Please note that there will be no refund/compensation of any kind should the applicant not meet the placement test standards and requirements.  
  3. Full payment (by credit card) is to be made before registration to confirm participation for the placement test.  An official receipt will be issued to the applicant.  Each applicant are required to bring their passport for verification on the placement test date.
  4. Please note that no stationeries will be provided. Please bring your own stationeries, scientific calculator and mathematical instruments for Primary 5 to Secondary 3 levels. Primary 1 & 2 students will need colour pencils for their placement test.
  5. Mobile phones, dictionaries / electronic dictionaries are not allowed to be brought to the examination   venues.
  6. The invigilators reserve the right to terminate / remove any student if he/she is found cheating or exhibit irregularities during the test and will not be permitted to sit for any other papers.
  7. The applicant and guardian must attend Pre-Course Counselling and Interview within 1 month after sitting for the placement test, failing which the result of the application will be delayed and the vacancy maybe given to another applicant. The School does not reserve the place for the applicant.
  8. The results of the application will be released between one (01) to two (02) months from the test date and no grade will be given, only “Successful” or “Unsuccessful” application will be informed through email.
  9. Please note that the result of our School placement test does not entitle the applicant to other school’s entry requirements.
  10. The School reserves the decision-making rights in the approval of the student’s admission based on the outcome of the placement test and interviews. No reason will be given for non-acceptance.
  11. Getting a placement with the School does not guarantee the applicant a Student’s Pass. Applicant must obtain the approval letter from ICA before he/she can officially sign on as a student in our School.
  12. For matters not provided for in this agreement, applicants have the responsibility to enquire if they are unsure.

Pre-Course Counselling

Prior to commencement with any private education institution, pre-course counselling is essential. Through these sessions, prospective students will gain a better understanding of the school and what the course entails.

Attendance is compulsory for all prospective students as well as guardians.

Student recruitment agents are an integral part of SYAS. For prospective students, parents and guardians, they provide invaluable information pre and post enrolment and should be consulted whenever necessary. For our list of Active and Expired student recruitment agents, click here.