Last Updated: 28 September 2022

If you have questions regarding our school or student admissions, below are some of our commonly asked questions. Alternatively, you can contact us via email or call us.

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Academic Inquiries

1. What’s the school term in SYAS like?

SYAS follows the school terms set by Ministry of Education (MOE). Generally, the school year begins in the first week of January and concludes end-October for secondary levels and mid-November for Primary levels.

Term 1 January to first or second week of March
Term 2 Mid-March to end-May
Term 3 End-June to first or second week of September
Term 4 Secondary Level: Mid-September to end-October
Primary Level: Mid-September to mid-November

As dates for each school term varies every year, please refer to our school calendar here. Schedules are subjected to change. The school will inform parent/guardian on the changes if any.

2. What academic levels are taught at SYAS?

SYAS offers courses from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 (ages 7 to 19). Do note that there is no new student admission into Primary 6 and Secondary 4 courses.

3. What will my child/ward be awarded after completing their Primary/Secondary education with SYAS?
  1. Students, who do not complete the Primary or Secondary programmes will be issued a Letter of Certificate upon request.
  2. Students, who complete their Primary education and participate in the PSLE, will be awarded with a PSLE certificate by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore.
  3. Students, who completed their Secondary education and participate in the ‘O’ Level examination will be awarded with an ‘O’ Level certificate by MOE.
4. Does SYAS offer IB syllabus?

No, SYAS follows the Singapore MOE syllabus. Visit MOE website for more information.

5. What subjects are taught at SYAS?

Please refer to our Primary and Secondary level pages for more information on the courses and subjects offered by SYAS.

6. What is the Teacher to Student ratio for each class?
Primary 1 to Primary 2 1 teacher : 30 students
Primary 3 to Secondary 4 1 teacher : 35 students
7. Is Bible Knowledge Subject compulsory?

Yes. Bible knowledge class, chapel service, daily prayers are part and parcel of SYAS culture and life. Bible Knowledge subject is examinable.

8. Can my child take Chinese language?

If your child is a Chinese, he/she must take Chinese language as a second language. Chinese Beginner class is available for non-Chinese student for lower primary students.

Academic/Registration Inquiries

9. When can we register?

San Yu Adventist School (SYAS) conducts entrance test at least once a month for 2023 registration (subject to changes without prior notification).

Please refer to 2023 Registration Schedule for more information

Registration will cease once vacancy is filled.

10. Can I register my child/ward for admission in the latter half of the year?

New student registration for that academic year close in Mid-May as there are only two more school terms to the final year examination. We strongly encourage parents to enrol their children at the beginning of the school year to allow ample time for students’ optimal learning.

Please refer to our Curriculum (Primary/ Secondary) for more information

11. How much is the course fee?

Please refer to our fee payment for more information on fee payment for each course.

Note: Course fees are revised on an annual basis.

12. How do I apply to SYAS?

Please refer to Application Process for more information on the admission requirements and application procedure to join SYAS.

13. My child/ward has completed Kindergarten/Primary school/ International school (PYP) overseas. Can my child/ward apply to SYAS?

Your child/ward will need to take and pass the entrance test and interview.

Please refer to our Admission Prerequisites for more information

14. Can my child/ward from Normal stream in Government School apply to SYAS?

Yes. Your child/ward will need to take and pass the entrance test and interview.

15. Does my child/ward need to take a entrance test and interview?

Anyone seeking admission to SYAS must take the entrance tests (English and Mathematics) and undergo an interview. 

16. How should my child/ward prepare for the entrance test?

Students applying for SYAS will have to prepare for their entrance test in English and Mathematics.

Your child/ward may purchase assessment books from any Singapore book store to prepare for their entrance test. The level of difficulty of the entrance test is dependent on the level your child/ward is applying for.

For example, entrance test for Primary 5 is based on Primary 4 English and Mathematics curriculum.

17. When will the entrance test result be released?

Results will be released to parents/guardian 1 to 2 months from the date the applicant takes the entrance test.

18. How does SYAS assess my child?

SYAS conducts a entrance test. This test allows the School to assess the student’s academic suitability, and selection is based on merit, vacancy and interview.

19. How many times can I take the entrance test?

A maximum of 2 times for each level in each academic year.

20. If my child is holding a Student’s Pass (STP) and is now studying in another private school, what’s the procedure to follow when the application to SYAS is successful?

SYAS will apply for a transfer of STP through ICA. Processing time takes about 2 to 4 weeks.

21. Can SYAS apply for the accompanying pass for parents?

SYAS will only apply STP for the child. Parents can check with the ICA on their eligibility for the accompanying pass and submit the application themselves. It is the ICA’s discretion to approve or reject the application.

22. Can I (the parent) be the guardian of my child?

Yes, if you are holding a valid pass in Singapore (Dependent Pass, Long Time Visit Pass, Employment Pass, Work Permit).

23. Do I need to apply for a student's pass if my child is on a dependent pass/long term visit pass?

Yes. Even though your child is on a Dependent's Pass, the school will need to receive a Letter of Consent (LOC) for your child to study in SYAS. The application for the LOC is the same as applying for a new student's pass. Please refer to our Student's Pass Application page for more information.


General Inquiries

24. How many nationalities are represented at SYAS?

Our students arrive from all over the world, including Singapore.

25. Is food provided at SYAS?

Yes, food will be provided by SYAS for our students.

26. Does my child/ward have to wear school uniform?

Yes. All students are required to wear the school uniform. SYAS will inform parents/guardian whenever there is a special event that does not require the student to wear the school uniform.

27. Is my child’s/ward’s attendance important?

Yes. SYAS has a strict attendance policy and strongly discourages students from being absent without a valid reason.

When the child's attendance falls below 90%, the school will have to inform ICA (for International students) and follow up with parents or guardians.

28. Is there school bus services provided by the school?

No, there is no school bus services provided at the moment. However you may check out companies such as Grabshuttle or Tok's School Bus etc, if you are interested in arranging bus service. SYAS is not liable for any services provided by them.

29. What is the dismissal time for students?

It varies depending on the child's timetable. You may refer to the current timetable available on our Download Center page. However, they are subjected to change.

30. How can I be an agent of SYAS?

Please refer to our Student Recruitment Agents Application page for more information on the agent selection criteria and application procedure.