Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our core of qualified, committed and caring Christian staff, chaplains, board members and stakeholders share the same objective, working towards excellence and goodness for students, parents and community.


To be a nurturing, premier Christian school developing a holistic person now and for the kingdom of God.


To provide caring, quality Christian education.

Core Values

Our Vision and Mission are testament of our endearing beliefs and values of: 

Integrity Be honest and do what is right and kind.
Caring Show love and concern for others and for the environment.
Cooperation Work together selflessly for the common goal.
Respect Honour others by being polite and considerate.
Responsibility Carry out our duties reliably.
Perseverance Continue trying despite difficulties.
Trust in God Above all, rely on God and know that He cares for us.

The culture at SYAS is a personification of our values. On any given day, our community exudes an inspirational sense of purpose and joy, always striving for excellence and goodness, in character and service.