Alumni Jakarta Meeting

An alumni group gathered in Jakarta during the weekend of February 23-24 to celebrate the wedding of Jonathan Gunawan & Audilya Gunarto.  Jonathan and his four siblings attended the Adventist school when it was located at Upper Serangoon.  Today the school is merged with another Adventist school and relocated to Thomson Road.  Jonathan’s father, Sendra, is also alumnus of the school.

This gathering of alumni was also encouraged by the opportunity to meet former teachers, like Mr Michael Lim (was also principal), Mrs Agnes Ho, Mrs Winnie Lim, & Mr Yong Chee Keong. Some even brought their children to meet their beloved teachers.  It is such cohesive alumni groups that is so integral to the continuous engagement and bonding with each other as well as contributing to the emotional links to their alma mater.  Let us look forward to a gathering in 2020 where more groups from other countries will return to Singapore to appreciate the reciprocal impact between school and students in the spirit of “thanksgiving”.

In the midst of sumptuous dinner atmosphere, alumni prefer their faces in the yearbook. Right in the middle, in red, is Mr Sendra Gunawan. He sent all his children to our school.


Mr Teddy, who was instrumental in bringing back a huge group of Indonesian alumni to Singapore in 2016. Current and former Principals are right beside him.  

 All "dressed-up" for the Sunday night dinner.

With their beloved teacher, Mrs Agnes Ho.

The Saturday night cohort.

Some of the Singapore alumni delegates, Sophriane, Johari and Kurusu, were chatting with their teacher, Mrs Agnes Ho. 

Alumni Tinawati & Siu Lie and ardent supporters Madam Kyong Hee & Monica in the Jakarta Central church on Sabbath .  Like to recognize Elder Sutarsa (an Alumnus, not in picture) for his generous hospitality and warm welcome.