Pastoral Care Team

The Chaplaincy Department is responsible for providing spiritual nourishment to the student and staff body. A Week-of-Prayer is organised twice a year for the entire student body, followed by the annual Bible Camp where inspirational speakers and musical talents from our worldwide Seventh-Day Adventist community are invited as guest speakers.

The School Counsellor helps students overcome their emotional and social difficulties that affect their school work. His office is also a favourite hangout for students who just need a play space or a “chill” corner in the school.

Our Youth Worker works with the students by offering practical and emotional support and helping them to develop skills to make positive development in their lives, mentally, spiritually, as well as physically,a holistic approach to helping youth reach their potential.

Our Guidance Counsellor is responsible for helping our graduating students decide on an educational pathway that will lead them to a career choice for their futures, organising talks from local schools, visits to local tertiary institutions and conducts one-on-one discussions with students about their academic options.