Application to New Academic Year (Returning Students)

Last Updated: 11 October 2023

Application to New Academic Year (Returning Students)

Dear Parent / Guardian,

The 2023 academic year is coming to an end and we look forward to another exciting year with your child/ward. 

Please refer to the school letter given on 11 October 2023 for the detailed information and follow the instruction accordingly to register your child/ward for enrolment to the new academic year.

Thank you and we look forward to your continuous support.

Important Note 

Enrolment to the next course level is not automatic. All returning students have to meet the Criteria for Promotion and Age Requirements in order to be eligible for admission to each level. Please refer to the Student Handbook (Examinations and Promotion Matters) for more details.

Parents who do not have a valid pass (e.g. LTVP, DP, EP, IEO) are required to appoint a local guardian to act on their behalf with regard to all school matters concerning their child.

STP: Student's Pass  |  LTVP: Long Term Visit Pass  |  DP: Dependent's Pass  |  EP : Employment Pass  |  IEO: Immigration Exemption Order

STEP 1: Application for New Academic Year

  • Parent/Guardian indicates his/her interest to continue his/her child's/ward's studies with us for the new academic year.
  • Submit online application for the Admission for Returning Students form via the SYAS Student Portal with the required items for submission (where applicable).
  • Indicate contract signing method via the goggle form (For Primary School students, please click here for link and for Secondary School students, please click here)
  1. Option A: Signing the new student contract electronically via DocuSign
  2. Option B: Signing the new student contract in-person at SYAS
  • For in-person contract signing, book an appointment via AsknLearn.

Mandatory Item(s) for submission 

  • Recent passport-sized photographs (colour, white background with a matt or semi-matt finish)

Required Item(s) for submission if updated/renewed

  • STP / DP / LTVP / IEO or Re-entry Permit (SPR) or NRIC / Student Concession Card (Singapore Citizens only)
  • Student’s Passport (required for all except Singapore Citizens)

  • Parent/Guardian’s Valid Pass or NRIC (Singapore Citizens/SPR)

  • Parent/Guardian’s Passport (required for all except Singapore Citizens)

  • *Duly signed Guardian’s Appointment and Declaration Form (AO FORM 054)

*Compulsory if there is any change of guardianship

STEP 2: Student Contract and Fees Payment

  • For those who applied for eContract signing via DocuSign, the Student Contract will be emailed to the respective signatories during the preferential period (The Monday after the last day of school)
  • For those who applied for in-person contract signing, the Student Contract will be given on the last day of school together with the student’s result slip.
  • Sign Student Contract and make payment of Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees (if any) during the preferential period
  • For more information regarding payment of course fees and miscellaneous fees, refer here.

STEP 3: ICA Application (applicable for all International Students)

Applicants can appoint the school to apply for a Student’s Pass (STP) or Letter of Consent (LOC) on their behalf or they can apply it on their own accord.

Option 1: For applicants who wish to appoint the school:

  • Provide additional documents as required by ICA. (Refer to document checklist for more information)
  • Make payment of ICA application fee to Business Office.
  • School submits the STP/LOC application to ICA.

Option 2: For applicants who wish to apply on their own accord:

  • School provides SOLAR+ reference number to applicant/parent/guardian via email.
  • Parent/guardian submits STP/LOC application via ICA website.

STEP 4: Complete formalities with ICA (applicable for Students with approved STP)

  • Fulfil the requirements by ICA (if any, eg Terms and Conditions /Medical Check Up)

  • Book ICA appointment

  • Report to ICA for collection of STP (IPA letter, ICA appointment letter, etc)

STEP 5: Start school on the appointed date of commencement stated in the Student Contract

  • Student/Parent/Guardian submits a copy of new STP to the General Office on the first day of school.