Osama bin Laden The Life and Death of the 9/11 al-Qaeda Mastermind by Elaine Landau
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761388784

Nearly ten years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, an elite team of U.S. special forces stunned the world with a dramatic and daring feat. Shortly after midnight on May 1, 2011, a U.S. Navy SEALs team stormed a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and killed its most-wanted inhabitant—Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind al-Qaeda.

This militant group planned the September 11, 2001, plane hijackings that killed thousands of people when the planes flew into the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon outside of Washington, D.C.

The group is also responsible for other terrorist attacks around the world. As the network's leader, Osama bin Laden became the top target in the United States's War on Terror. In this fascinating account, learn more about the leader of the al-Qaeda network and the U.S. efforts that finally brought the world’s most feared terrorist to justice.

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Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes And Other Tricky Tongue Twisters by Brian P. Cleary
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761372547 

From best-selling author Brian P. Cleary, Six Sheep Sip Thick Shakes is a real mouthful!

Presenting readers with twenty-four challenging and hilarious tongue twisters, Cleary's inventive sentences and Steve Mack's appealing art will leave readers tongue-tied―and laughing through their teeth.

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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467778220 

Jim Hawkins thinks his life is rather dull…until he discovers a treasure map belonging to the infamous pirate Captain Flint. Jim sets off with a crew to search for the buried gold. But not all of the crew members have the best of intentions, and Jim soon finds himself in the middle of a battle between honest men, mutineers, and pirates.

This quintessential adventure story by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson was first published in book form in 1883.

This unabridged edition includes illustrations by English-born American artist Louis Rhead, which were first published in 1915.

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The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467758369  

This collection of fables is set in India and features talking animals, both wise and cruel, to teach about the human world. Several of the stories include Mowgli, the "man-cub" left in the jungle and raised by wolves. Mowgli's adventures with Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther illustrate the value of friendship and following rules.

This collection also contains "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi," the story of a loyal mongoose that saves his human companions, and "Toomai of the Elephants," where Little Toomai is shown a secret by the elephants that no other human has seen.

English author Rudyard Kipling first published The Jungle Book in 1894. This version comes from a 1910 edition, featuring illustrations by Rudyard's father, John Lockwood Kipling.

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Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467792806 

In Leaves of Grass, American poet Walt Whitman assembled most of his poetic works. Included in this collection are some of Whitman's most famous poems, including "Song of Myself," "I Sing the Body Electric," "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking," and "O Captain! My Captain!"

The first edition of Leaves of Grass was published in 1855 and contained only twelve poems. Whitman kept revising his collection throughout his life; the final edition contains more than three hundred poems.

This is an unabridged version of the poems from the final edition of Whitman's celebrated collection, published shortly before his death in 1892.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467746045

Hermia's father has given her a seemingly impossible decision: marry Demetrius, a man she doesn't love, or die. Instead, she decides to take fate into her own hands and run off with her true love, Lysander.

Demetrius sets off into the forest to find them, followed by Helena, a young woman smitten with Demetrius, whom he constantly ignores. But the forest is filled with fairies—including the mischievous Puck—whose magic just might spoil everything.

This is an unabridged version of William Shakespeare's multilayered comedy, first published in England in 1600.

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The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467792929

"It is necessary for a prince wishing to hold his own to know how to do wrong, and to make use of it or not according to necessity." In this sixteenth-century treatise to aspiring rulers, Italian author Niccolò Machiavelli offers advice for how to gain and maintain power, unencumbered by values and moral conventions.

In this separation of politics and ethics, Machiavelli's revolutionary ideas have often been criticized as ruthless and evil, though some scholars argue that the treatise is a satire. Machiavelli's practical guide for rulers was first published in book form in 1532.

This unabridged version is taken from the 1908 translation by W. K. Marriott.

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The Odyssey by Homer
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467757676 

Odysseus, the hero of the Trojan War, longs to return home to his kingdom in Ithaca, where a horde of suitors (who believe the long-absent Odysseus to be dead) are courting his beloved wife. Odysseus had angered the sea god, Poseidon, and for the past ten years, he's been beset by a host of challenges.

The Greek hero must rely on wit, strength, and the aid of the gods of Mount Olympus to survive tumultuous storms, battles with great beasts, and the seductive powers of witches, sirens, and nymphs as he makes his way homeward. Originally written around 700 BCE, the authorship of this epic poem remains uncertain, but most scholars ascribe it to a blind Greek poet named Homer.

This unabridged translation by William Cowper was originally published in 1791.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467732642 

Bored with reading a book with no pictures, Alice looks up and sees a white rabbit in a waistcoat. Curious, she follows. Tumbling down a rabbit hole after him, Alice leaves the rational world behind and enters a world of nonsense.

A drink that makes you shrink and a cake that makes you grow, a floating cat that can turn invisible, a tea party stuck in a perpetual time loop, and an angry queen of playing cards all make Alice's head spin as she works her way through her confusing surroundings.

This unabridged version of Lewis Carroll's fantastical English novel was first published in 1865 and includes original illustrations by John Tenniel from the 1897 edition.

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Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467778107 

Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov lives in a garret in St. Petersburg. Destitute and feeling cut off from humanity, he considers committing a terrible crime—killing a pawnbroker—to steal her money.

After hearing people say that society would be better off without the pawnbroker, he murders her—and her sister, who walks in while Raskolnikov is raiding the pawnbroker's wares. As the novel's psychological drama unfolds, Raskolnikov lives in constant fear of discovery.

Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky first published this tragic story in serial form in 1866 and as a book in 1867.

This unabridged version comes from the 1914 English translation by Constance Garnett.

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No Time to Cry The Dawn Rochelle Series, Book Four by Lurlene McDaniel
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761368090

Being sixteen means all kinds of freedom—driving on your own, going to the mall with friends, dating.

But Dawn Rochelle can't feel free because of the fear that her cancer will return. Maybe her greatest freedom can only come when she has the courage to live—when she has no time to cry.

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Mother, Please Don't Die by Lurlene McDaniel
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761373919

Feisty, thirteen-year-old Megan McCaffery is proud to be a tomboy, and she just can't relate to the "southern belles" in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Her older sister, Audrey, is driving her crazy with constant talk about her upcoming wedding. When a popular girl at school takes an interest in Megan's best friend, John-Paul, Megan is surprised at her own jealousy.

Was she losing her tomboy edge? But when her mother's mysterious headaches turn out to be a brain tumor, Megan's world is truly turned upside-down.

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In a Cave by Jennifer Boothroyd
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410310

Birds, bats, and bears live in caves. What else lives in a cave?

Vibrant wildlife photographs with direct picture-to-text correspondence make this book an excellent choice for the budding zoologists in the classroom.

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In a Tree by Jennifer Boothroyd
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410327

Chipmunks, monkeys, and owls live in trees. What else lives in a tree?

Vibrant wildlife photographs with direct picture-to-text correspondence make this book an excellent choice for the budding zoologists in the classroom.

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In the Water by Jennifer Boothroyd
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410334

Otters, beavers, and frogs live in the water. What else lives in the water?

Vibrant wildlife photographs with direct picture-to-text correspondence make this book an excellent choice for the budding zoologists in the classroom.

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On the Ground by Jennifer Boothroyd
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410341

Elephants, horses, and turkeys live on the ground. What else lives on the ground?

Vibrant wildlife photographs with direct picture-to-text correspondence make this book an excellent choice for the budding zoologists in the classroom.

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Under the Ground by Jennifer Boothroyd
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410358

Foxes, worms, and mice live underground. What else lives under the ground?

Vibrant wildlife photographs with direct picture-to-text correspondence make this book an excellent choice for the budding zoologists in the classroom.

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Brilliant Bees by Linda Glaser
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761326366

This delightfully simple lyrical text about the life of the honey bee is enhanced by bold, beautiful illustrations.

Brilliant Bees includes an easy-to-read text, picture book art, and a question-and-answer section.

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Fabulous Frogs by Linda Glaser
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761384489

With simple text and full-color illustrations, Fabulous Frogs describes the physical characteristics, habits, and life cycle of the frog.

The book includes a separate question-and-answer section with more information about the different kinds of frogs, their way of life, and the endangered status of different species.

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Spectacular Spiders by Linda Glaser
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761384465

With simple text and full-color illustrations, Spectacular Spiders describes the physical characteristics, habits, and environment of the garden spider.

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Wonderful Worms by Linda Glaser
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761384472

Wonderful Worms encourages an appreciation for the small creatures of the earth by explaining the vital role that earthworms play in the planet's ecosystem.

The book also contains informative charts and cross-section illustrations of the worm's underground environment.

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Seeds by Melanie Mitchell
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410525

Plants grow from seeds. People eat seeds. What other uses do seeds have?

Vibrant color photographs and simple sentences introduce students to this important plant part. This book meets both science and reading standards.

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Cloudy by Robin Nelson
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410365

A basic introduction to the characteristics of clouds.

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Rainy by Robin Nelson
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410372  

A basic introduction to what you see on a rainy day.

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Snowy by Robin Nelson
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410389 

A basic introduction to what you see on a snowy day

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Sunny by Robin Nelson
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410396

A basic intrduction to what you see on a sunny day.

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Windy by Robin Nelson
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512410402

A basic introduction to what you see on a windy day.

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All About Systems by Jacqueline A. Ball
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781634402033

Join Space Cat on an exploration of systems in both the natural world and in the human-made world.

Readers discover how STEM skills keep systems working.

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The World Humans Made by Jacqueline A. Ball
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781634402026

Join Space Cat and her friend Dog as they compare the natural world and the world humans made.

Discover how STEM skills play a role.

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We Use Tools All Day by Jacqueline A. Ball
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781634402040 

Space Cat and her pal Dog help readers understand simple and complex tools we all use every day.

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What Makes a Building Strong? by Jacqueline A. Ball
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781634402057 

Space Cat is curious about how tools, technology, and engineering are used to keep buildings and structures from falling down.

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One Plastic Bag Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia by Miranda Paul
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781467762991

Plastic bags are cheap and easy to use. But what happens when a bag breaks or is no longer needed? In Njau, Gambia, people simply dropped the bags and went on their way. One plastic bag became two. Then ten. Then a hundred. 

The bags accumulated in ugly heaps alongside roads. Water pooled in them, bringing mosquitoes and disease. Some bags were burned, leaving behind a terrible smell. Some were buried, but they strangled gardens. They killed livestock that tried to eat them. Something had to change. 

Isatou Ceesay was that change. She found a way to recycle the bags and transform her community. This inspirational true story shows how one person's actions really can make a difference in our world.

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I Am an Artist by Pat Lowery Collins
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9780761384441

Are you an artist? Do you see the world around you in a special way? I Am an Artist shows you how simply observing the delights of nature can inspire you to create. Can you name the colors inside a seashell? You're an artist!

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Mysteries of Easter Island by Laura Hamilton Waxman
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512449174

On Easter in 1722, a fleet of Dutch ships exploring the southeastern Pacific Ocean came across a small island that at first seemed uninhabited. Instead, the sailors found a community of people—and hundreds of giant stone statues.

Easter Island and its statues have long been a source of mystery for explorers, historians, and tourists. How did people come to live in such a remote place?

How had the islanders carved such enormous statues without metal tools? And how had they moved them? Read all about the myths and theories surrounding Easter Island, as well as the science researchers are using to learn more.

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Mysteries of Machu Picchu by Elizabeth Weitzman
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512449181

In 1911 an American explorer came across an ancient city hidden high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Since then, explorers, archaeologists, and tourists have been fascinated by this beautiful and mysterious city known as Machu Picchu.

The city appears to have been carefully constructed—every stone is perfectly cut and placed.

The Inca people built Machu Picchu at the height of their empire, but no one knows for sure how or why they created it. Read all about the myths and theories surrounding Machu Picchu and its history, as well as the science archaeologists are using to understand this ancient city.

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Mysteries of Pompeii by Laura Hamilton Waxman
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512449198

Two thousand years ago, disaster struck the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. When Mount Vesuvius erupted, a deadly cloud of superheated ash, rock, and gas descended on the city and its terrified people. Pompeii lay buried and forgotten for centuries.

The thick layer of volcanic ash acted like a time capsule, preserving homes, temples, human remains, and even food. What secrets did this lost city hold? Explore the science being used to solve Pompeii's greatest mysteries—including how the city's people lived and died.

Compare what we know with some of the more fantastic myths about the buried city of Pompeii.

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Mysteries of Stonehenge by Elizabeth Weitzman
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512449204

Five thousand years ago, someone (or a lot of someones) shaped and assembled a group of 25-ton rocks in southwest England. We call it Stonehenge.

The summer and winter solstices are amazingly beautiful at this mysterious configuration of rocks. But still no one knows exactly who built Stonehenge, how they did it, or why.

Explore the fantastical myths that attempt to explain these ancient mysteries, as well as the fascinating clues and tools archaeologists are using to uncover the truth about Stonehenge.

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Mysteries of the Egyptian Pyramids by Karen Latchana Kenney
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512449211

Massive pyramids tower over the Giza Plateau near Cairo, Egypt. Built in the Bronze Age, these immense stone structures were engineered with remarkable precision.

How did the ancient Egyptians construct them without the use of modern tools? Why were they built? Throughout the centuries, historians and archaeologists have studied the pyramids and other Egyptian artifacts in search of possible answers to these questions.

The pyramids are filled with mysterious doors and passageways—what other secrets and treasures might lie inside? Find out more about the myths, science, and technology surrounding the creation and exploration of the Egyptian pyramids.

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Mysteries of the Great Wall of China by Karen Latchana Kenney
Lerner Publishing Group | ISBN: 9781512449228

In August 2011, an expedition in the Gobi Desert region of Mongolia uncovered a long-forgotten section of the Great Wall of China.

In 2015, nine new sections of the wall were located in northwest China. Researchers and archaeologists have worked for years to uncover the secrets of this incredible ancient structure. How was this massive wall created?

Who exactly built it and why? Centuries of study have led to many theories and ideas, but some questions may never be answered. Find out more about the myths, history, and science surrounding the Great Wall of China.

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