Famchamps Student Centric Promotion at SYAS

Famchamps' Student Centric Promotion at SYAS

In today’s world, poor family relationships are among the most powerful predictors of child/adolescent mental health and social problems. Research has shown that parental engagement is probably the single most important contributor to children’s healthy psychological development. As such, San Yu Adventist
School has invited FamChamps to provide a talk to increase awareness on the importance of Family.

FamChamps is a student-centric, values-driven initiative to promote the holistic message of Family to youths, in order to raise champions of Singapore’s family values and for the institution of Family. The talk focuses on the following aspects:

  • Youths will gain a broader understanding and perspective of their parents
  • Youths will be equipped with communication skills so parents will listen when they talk
  • Youths will listen to true accounts of what it takes to forgive parents for past hurts or disappointments
  • Youths will discover the importance of honoring their parents
  • Youths will be given an opportunity to express love to their parents

Educating our youths on the importance of family and involving them to advocate for family from young, will enable them to demonstrate and promote these values as adults, be it at their workplace, communities or future families.