School Leaders and Teachers from Thailand Celebrate Teacher’s Day in SYAS

30 educators from Saraburi Province, Thailand, representing more than 20 secondary schools visited us on Teacher’s Day.  26 are school administrators and the rest are senior subject teachers.  As Thai educators celebrate their Teacher’s Day in very elaborate but soberingly solemn way, it was an opener for them to experience the Singapore version; noisy and vivacious, yet respectful. They were full of praise and gratitude and have expressed a desire to modify theirs to be more fun and funny.

After the hour-long celebration with the secondary students and teachers, the Thai group met with SYAS school administrators in the Lecture room where Dr Shee presented a talk on EQ Leadership, modelled after his post-graduate studies research and interest.  Following that, The Thai team also shared a video on their progressive model of school management/operation under the acronym MORAL. It was a productive learning experience for both schools.