Cai Bing Feng

I am Bingfeng from China and I am sixteen years old. Even though this is my first year in SYAS, I have learnt a lot and gained many precious memories.

I live in Choa Chu Kang which is very far from my school so I have become an early riser. Every day when I pass through the gates of our school, I always see Mr. Paul, our Security Officer. He always waves and smiles at me warmly even though he does not know my name! The smile on his face is warms me up and I am happy to meet him every day.

Every week, we go to chapel to pray and sing praises to God. Initially, as a freethinker, I did not know how to pray and why I should pray. However, my teachers and pastors let me know the reason through their attitude and relationships with others.

I remember one occasion, it was the last period of the day. I had many questions when the class was over, so I asked Ms. Lee, my Science teacher who explained to me very patiently until all my questions were answered. When I looked at the clock again, I found out that I had used two hours of her time. She told me that I could ask her any questions whenever she was available. God is patient and Ms. Lee has proven that to me.

On another occasion during Sports Day, I participated in a relay even though I knew I was not a good runner. When it was my turn, I felt nervous and was running very slowly. Even though my friends were faster than the runners from other classes, we still lost because of me. When I left the field, I felt embarrassed and dared not look at my friends. I thought they would be laughing or shouting at me. However, they did not; they all stood around me and encouraged me to do better the next time. They had shown me again the forgiving nature of God.

Gradually, I learn how to pray and the reason for prayer. After the Week of Prayer, two of my classmates and I started Bible study with my teacher, Mr. Fam. Through the Bible study, I have come to know God better.

I am very glad that I have come to San Yu Adventist School and have met my friends and teachers. It was through them that I was introduced to God who has made my life more meaningful and purposeful.

Cai Bing Feng (S2-2)