Zhu Shu Yue

My name is Shuyue, a Sec 2 student from San Yu Adventist School. This is my first year studying in Singapore. These few months have been really amazing.

My cousin is a Christian. Before I came to Singapore, he had always tried to tell me about Jesus and the Bible. But it was difficult to make me, a freethinker, to accept it at once. This made me annoyed to hear about Jesus all the time. I tried to stay away from my cousin to avoid listening to him. My cousin never gave up, instead he sent me to San Yu.

Before I came to San Yu, I heard that San Yu was a Christian school. It reminded me of the negative feeling I had before. I did not want to go to school, but I had no choice. I was really upset on my first day of school. But something happened that changed my mind. 

I felt lost after the flag-raising ceremony on the first day. I stood at the corner, and watched as more and more students walked past me. It really frightened me. I felt lost in an unfamiliar surrounding with strange people. I had no idea what to do. Out of nowhere, three students asked me if I was a new student, then they led me to my classroom. It was impressed that the students in San Yu are kind and helpful.

I decided to find out more about San Yu. My classmates were really friendly. They invited me to join a Bible Study class to learn more about God. After a few classes, I was impressed by the stories of Jesus. I began to understand what my cousin meant, when he said Jesus loves us even more than Himself. He saved us because of his love for us and that we should be thankful all the time. Today, I am thankful to have a chance to study in San Yu, and to know my teachers and friends. Most of all, I thank God for what He has done for us.

Zhu Shu Yue (S2-2)