Second Half Of Term 3 - Updates of School Programmes

Posted on 28 July 2020

28 July 2020

Second Half of Term 3 - Updates of School Programmes

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for attending the Parent-Teacher Conference via Zoom on Friday, 17 July.  We hope that

our teachers were able to address all your concerns. If there is a need to discuss any area of

concerns with our staff, please make an appointment and we will gladly attend to your child/ward’s needs.

Moreover, we would like to welcome all students back to school in the second half of Term 3.  We hope that our students have had a well-rested one-week break and are ready to continue with their studies.  We would also like to share some of the highlights scheduled for the rest of the academic year:

  1. Intervention Strategies for Weak Academic Subjects

The school will continue to conduct remedial/supplementary lessons during this semester to help students improve their academic performance and be well-prepared for the preliminary or year-end examinations.  Please ensure that your child/ward attends these lessons that will be conducted after school curricular time.

2.  Upcoming Events, School Holidays and Examinations (More details will be provided nearer to the commencement date of certain events/examinations)



School Holidays


27 to 30 July

Gospel Week via live streaming in school



31 July to 2 August

Gospel Camp for selected students (Day Camp)



7 August

National Day Celebration via live streaming

(Early dismissal at 10.20am)



27, 28, 31 August and 1 September

School as usual for other grade levels


P6 Preliminary Examination

31 August to 2 September, 14 to 23 September

School as usual for other grade levels


S4 Preliminary Examination

3 September

Teachers’ Day Celebration via live streaming/class parties

(Early dismissal at 10.20am)



4 September


Teachers’ Day Holiday


5 to 13 September


Second Part of Term 3 School Holidays


8 October

Children’s Day Celebration – class parties

(Early dismissal at 10.20am)



9 October



Children’s Day Holiday



15 to 27 October



PS1F to S3 Year-end Examination

2 to 9 November



P1 Continuous Assessment and P2 to P6 Year-end Examination

3.   Pay It Forward (PIF)

The PIF Day scheduled on Sunday, 30 August has been cancelled due to Covid 19. Thus, the school holiday in lieu of PIF Day scheduled on Monday, 31 August has also been cancelled. All students must attend normal school lessons on Monday, 31 August.

4.   National Day Celebration

  • All selected participants for National Day Celebration have to stay back on two Wednesdays, 29 July and 5 August for rehearsals from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm.
  • All students are encouraged to wear their national costumes or clothing with red and white colours on Friday, 7 August, for the National Day Celebration via live streaming in their classrooms.

5.   Home-Based Learning During PSLE for Primary School

All students from Primary 1 to Primary 5 and P6 students who are not eligible to take PSLE do not need to attend school on the following dates as the school will be conducting PSLE for eligible P6 students.




13 August


English Oral Exam

14 August


Chinese Oral Exam

18 September


Listening Comprehension English and Chinese Exam

1 October


English Written Exam

2 October


Mathematics Written Exam

5 October


Chinese Written Exam

6 October


Science Written Exam

The school will be conducting HBL for P1 to P5 students and e-learning assignments and zoom sessions will be assigned through Asknlearn learning portal by all the subject teachers whose lessons are scheduled in the school timetable for the class of your child/ward, from the first to the last period of all the PSLE examination dates shown in the table above. All students concerned have to refer to the HBL timetables put up in the Asknlearn learning portal and complete all the tasks specified for the above mentioned dates.

Students who do not have computers and Internet access at home and would like to use the school computers to complete their tasks on the above mentioned dates, need to indicate on the acknowledgement slip on page 3. To expedite a smooth operation, only students who have responded that they will be using the school computers will have access to them. Please take note that students would need to put on their school uniforms when they report to school during the HBL days.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

School Management